Filling time…

Recently there seems to have been a lull in the work day calendars of the groups I work with. This has come at the most inconvenient time as, so far this week, I have had three days off. As such I’m struggling for things to do.

On Monday in my free afternoon I went indoor rock climbing, followed by an evening walk in the lovely sunshine. The rock climbing was so nice and peaceful, usually at the university gym’s wall it is boiling and at the start of each year packed out. Only to lose people through the year weeding them out until it leaves only those who have truly been taken in by it. I am solidly in that category. Though as Jack and I went outside of the club arranged times we got the entire room to our self. No waiting to jump on a rope just “I wanna try that one” and go. Perfect.

Tuesday was a completely free day. A nice lie in followed by breakfast and the doing nothing and wasting time feeling kicked in hard. Sitting in your front room and looking out at the sunshine has an uncanny ability of making you feel bad for doing nothing. So a last minute call to Anglesey Riding Centre was called for. And success as Rachel and I managed to arrange a half an hour hack at 2pm. It was lovely, though I didn’t get to ride the lovely Stilton, Derry was fun too. Though we were slightly worried when five minutes from the centre the skies opened and hail lashed against my car, only to have stopped and the clouds vanish five minutes later. Good. Didn’t want to waste a trip. On the way we also passed a red squirrel centre, which has piqued my interest as I would love to see a live squirrel, instead of the dead ones in the freezers of the university buildings.

The ride was nice and relaxing, on a country dirt track winding around fields full of horses playing, cute little rabbits, and new born lambs. Even managed to get some sunshine, cold sunshine, but still. The horses were fantastic, though Derry the greedy little thing kept yanking his head down to the side of the road so he could grab nibbles of grass. That meant I was yanked forward by the reins and had to try to yank his head out of the grass while kicking him and steering with whatever was my outside leg. Damn difficult to move that boy when he wants food, a pull on the reins would usually only got him to lift his head before going back down for the last blade of grass he missed. And the nudges to the sides may have well been non-existent. He’s a pain especially when the following horse Relma, decided that Derry had caught onto something there and also went to eat the grass. The trouble comes from Rachel having zoned out looking at the view of the mountains across the Menai. As a result she almost fell right over Relma’s neck, and could’ve landed flat on her face. Which would’ve been terrible and hilarious at the same time.

After horse riding we went on another walk, across the slate beach by the harbour and round through the forest until we reached another beach we’d never seen before. One with a bit of sand! A walk along it with some great views of what we guesstimated to be Beaumaris (a town on Anglesey), Puffin Island, and Llandudno (a town on the Welsh mainland).

20170321_160850During the nice stroll the rain started up again, with hail to boot too. Scampering up a hill and over a fence into a muddy field you realise how great trees are, the protection from the worst of the wind and rain is invaluable, especially wen your stupidly wearing a jean jacket. Thankfully I had a hood. The trek through the fields was pretty funny and though at the beginning I tried to save my docs from the horror of the mud i eventually gave up and just trudged through. Getting home at that point was a relief. Nice central heating with dry socks waiting for me.


That evening was the BUMS (Bangor University Mountaineering Society) trip to the rock climbing wall at Indy, on Anglesey. Good trip out with a newbie climber. Mainly taught her the ropes (quiet literally when how to tie and 8 knot). It was great with having to do the routes, followed by helping Rachel through them which involved “Move your right foot up to the hold around shin height.” only to have to say “No that’s your left, the other one”. But all in all I think she’ll pick it up fine. And free entry to an party just outside of Bangor, who could say no!?


I’m sorry for the poor photos, all I had was my phone which isn’t that great at panoramas.

Author: ClareOfford

I'm a second year Zoology and Conservation student, studying at Bangor University in North Wales. I love Wales for the its opportunities to explore the outdoor, and so frequently go one walks with friends, as well as the odd bit of rock climbing and horse riding. Though on of the great things about where I live are the opportunities to get involved in conservation work out in Snowdonia...

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