Sorry it’s taken such a long time, what with exams and sorting everything for a two month extravaganza around Europe. My inner perfectionist has come out planning the train routes, the directions from the train station to the hostel, the hostels, the flights and the stuff I’m going to do there.

But more importantly it’s been one massive drain on all the savings I spent so hard to get (working 7 days a week occasionally last summer) both so worth the money, but yet there’s a little part of me that dies inside each time I forked out a load of cash for accommodation, bags, and ironically cash. One thing that is great about preparing for my trip, a part from everything, is that there is so much I can buy from Lush: bars of shampoo and conditioner, really nice soap and so much more, swear I spent about £40-odd in there.

Money was also a bit of a worry, with so many different currencies: Euros, Croatian Kuna, Swiss Franc, Danish Krone, Norwegian Krone, Swedish Krona, and Serbian Dinar. A lot to get. With the Caxton card I got most of the currencies, its great you can get multiple currencies on one card, they don’t charge you for withdrawals at ATMs, and great exchange rates…can’t go wrong. Now just need to make sure I don’t loose this card.

On the topic of gear though, I managed to land myself a good bag, unlike my last foray into Europe, where the first bag broke a week in and then the second by the end of the third week. Never been more inconvenienced. But this time due to the longer stint I’ve decided against taking enough for each day I’m taking the bear minimum. But the Osprey Farpoint 70 is great, got a detachable day bag, opens at the front so I can get to the bottom of the bag without  taking everything out. Thought the main bag is still crammed full so I’ve resorted to taking a picture of everything specifically packed away so that I can remember what goes where. That way I can avoid the last minute panic of trying to stuff different organisers in different arrangements, resulting in me carrying one on the train as I can’t tell where the bloody thing is meant to go. Stressful.

But everything is packed and ready to go everything booked and paid for (or at the very least all the money is there) now I play the waiting game until Saturday night when I get to fly out to Belgrade, Serbia.

Can’t wait. 20170615_134011.gif

Author: ClareOfford

I'm a second year Zoology and Conservation student, studying at Bangor University in North Wales. I love Wales for the its opportunities to explore the outdoor, and so frequently go one walks with friends, as well as the odd bit of rock climbing and horse riding. Though on of the great things about where I live are the opportunities to get involved in conservation work out in Snowdonia...

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