Београд (Belgrade)

I left the UK on the 17th for Serbia, a nice evening flight meant no early mornings. Setting off at half four I found my self a little underwhelmed as though I didn’t really grasp the excitement of my first (kinda) I’ll trip. Though what I did find is that I’m terrible with jackets having forgotten it quater of an hour into the journey and having to turn back.

The flight was rather cramped with no leg room (and I’m 5’6!) But once landing at half 11 it hit me I’m somewhere I’ve never been far away from my little island…this is going to be amazing. This displayed itself as being overly smiley and talkative.

That evening was quiet, I find flying sucks it out of me, and with Alice already in PJs the exploring would wait.

The next day we unsuccessfully navigated our way to a lebbonese resteraunt instead settling for “Big Pizzza” and a salad. After that a twenty minute walk through the cloudy pedestrian zone to the Belgrade Fortress. Where it decided to chuck it down with semi fine rain that soaked through my jeans and airy shoes. But us Brits *posh accent* carry on. Exploring the old fort, climbing up a small tower and looking out over what I can only assume was once a moat. Walking through the eerie cold war bunker, listening to an Amy Whinehouse cover band, and sitting on the walls of the fort looking out on to the rivers Sava and Danube.

After we got lost carried on back tracked and found our way we stopped at a great cafe and got cake and tea…it was so nice we returned later. After drying off a bit we walked passed then in the Tesla museum. It was great, my favourites: getting zapped and the lightning from the magnifying transmitter.

The next day was the train to Zagreb, where I’m currently writing from. Long trip of 8 hour in a hot car (nearly windows open why I have no idea), though you could escape to the car behind which had the individual compartments and lots of windows! Woo! But all suffering comes to an end and we finally made it.

So onwards to explore a land I have never touched before. And try to put aside the world cup from a few years back when they knocked us out….grr.

Author: ClareOfford

I'm a second year Zoology and Conservation student, studying at Bangor University in North Wales. I love Wales for the its opportunities to explore the outdoor, and so frequently go one walks with friends, as well as the odd bit of rock climbing and horse riding. Though on of the great things about where I live are the opportunities to get involved in conservation work out in Snowdonia...

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