I haven’t been keeping this regular in any way. I told myself that after egg destination I would write a bit about it. But I ended up not doing so on the SECOND destination.

So to make up for it I will do two in quick succession, starting with….you guessed it Croatia.

The train was long (8 hours from Belgrade to Zagreb) and highly uncomfortable. The windows shut, no air con…in over 30 degree heat I must add, small seats with little leg room and no where to buy food. I know I know I’m whining but even thinking about that sweat box makes me angry. Fortunately the car behind us had individual sections and lots of open windows. So many of the lot trapped in economy class would loiter and hang out the windows of the facier car’s corridor.

After arriving at Zagreb it was a short 5 minute walk to our hostel. Great location only a ten minute walk into old town with all of the bars and resteraunts whilst still being close to the train station. No one wants to carry a heavy bag more than is necessary. The first night we found a vegitarian resteraunt called Vegehop. Their burger were amazing as was their Moussaka was amazing. That evening we relaxed got to know a few people around the hostel including a nice Londoner names Peter. More on him later.

The next day we went out to lake Jarun a really nice man made lake with a little island where a festival was happening. No idea wish that had cropped up in my multiple searches for events in Zagreb. But there we are.

We jumped on the tram for around an hour walked through a pretty neighbourhood and onto the stony beach. Music blasting from across the water we laid in the sun…for all of ten minutes before realising that us Brits burn way too easy to stay their for too longer time. Thus created musical rocks which involved shifting from no shade to partial shade to full on shade as the need arose. The water was really nice though crystal clear so you could see the little fish dotted about.

After a dunk to cool off from the sunbathing we decided to get a cocktail at the bar just behind us I got a sex on the beach, and Alice got a long island ice tea by another name. Whilst sipping on the lovely and CHEAP mixed drinks we saw many people wandering up in sports bikinis the type beach volleyball players wear. We were intrigued. Turns out the European beach handball championships are held there once a year. And as there’s no need to pay to watch we stuck around to gander at Poland vs France, Norway vs Sweden and Switzerland vs Italy (all women’s), and the men’s arched of Spain vs Poland and Norway vs France. Surprisingly enough the UK was not represented. Which got me thinking maybe I could start my own UK team I mean clearly were already terrible how much worse can some plucky rag-tag team be?

That evening we met up with some new arrivals and Peter for a spot of light drinking followed by a walk to a local open air gig in the city’s old town. The plan was drink from nine leave at half nine. Well half nine rolled around so quater to was set as the next leaving time. Which came and went finally we left at quater past ten and meandered our way to the gig where we heard two songs before every thing shut up shop. And women are sterotyped as the ones who can’t leave: Alice and I were waiting forever for the guys to pull their finger out and get moving.

The second full day in Zagreb included visits to the museums of illusion and torture as well as an attempt at getting into their cathedral but as were not one of the women on the walls we cant show our thighs.  The ullsusions were really good, couldn’t do any of the puzzles though.

After the torture meshes which was all of three dingy put rooms (seems the Croatians didn’t like gossip, or witches). We visited the Maksimir park he largest in the city with forested areas open fields and a zoo. We lounged around in the shade on the benches and hiding in the shade.

On the way back to the hostel we got caught in a heavy down fall that soaked us through. Though it was defiantly a summer storm, for which I have a fondness of. Very loud thunder and torrential rain. It was awesome.

The following day was an early start at half five (half an hour after the festival goers got back in) and onto Slovenia.

Author: ClareOfford

I'm a second year Zoology and Conservation student, studying at Bangor University in North Wales. I love Wales for the its opportunities to explore the outdoor, and so frequently go one walks with friends, as well as the odd bit of rock climbing and horse riding. Though on of the great things about where I live are the opportunities to get involved in conservation work out in Snowdonia...

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