Well I promised quick succession and I haven’t done that I fund myself too exhausted to do anything once I get back to my bunk. However the Bavarian countryside has instilled a ish to write.

Leaving Zagreb was an early start up at half five and what not catch the train through to Jesenice where a replacement bus service (yes seems that every countries train service just hates it’s users) back to bled (the previous station) to get a train to Most Na Soči. But wait not done yet. We then hung around outside the train station I attempted to use non-existant German to ask about a bus to Bovec, pretty sure that bus was gonna start with auto but I may be entirely wrong. The nice confused woman then directed me to a man who had a slight knowledge of English (a god send). We then caught the bus (over an hour long) thankfully it was more of a coach with delightful air con. I quickly fell asleep and woke up in Bovec.

We headed to the shop for supplies for the next day as well as directions to the hostel as Google maps washing being particularly helpful.

After arriving and putting all our stuff in the  lockers, which could break a toe, we headed to a resteraunt we were promised to receive 10% discount on cause of our wristbands. Turn out you need to inform them before you even order. Hmmm. Disapoiting. After we walked into the town to fund out the times of our activities over the next couple of days. The told us 1 and 9 and that we could get picked up. I set a reminder and we wondered back.

The sleep that night was initially terrible. Our two room mates snore like chainsaws that you can hear from down the hall way (it was louder than the thunder through an open window). After trying to sleep through it for over an hour we spent the next hour asking for a new room having to explain it multiple times. Trust me we had little sleep the previous night and an early morning if there was anyway we could be asleep we would be.

The next day we had just eaten breakfast when we get a call at 9:15am asking where we were. I was confused, turns out it was the activity place telling us we weren’t at the 9am meet to which is well yeah cause were going at one. A confusing convo later and were gonna get picked up to go canyoning at half nine instead. Don’t know. Really don’t know.

But canyoning was amazing sliding down rocks into pools jumping off. The water so nice and cold it gave me brain freeze. That more than made up for the boiling hike up to the top in a bikini which defiantly didn’t have the right amount of support. It was exhilarating and gotta be my favorite, And highly recommended. The last drop was down a very large waterfall to dangerous to jump from the top so our guide lowered us down in a harness and then dropped us half way up. Much to our surprise when they said drop I thought lightly place.

After we made food and ate at the hostel before leaving for a massive hole to a pretty waterfall. After many untruthful detors hoping to be short cuts we made it hung out there for a bit then marched home. Where we were way too tired to make food so we went to a nice resteraunt and got a cheap burger.

The nextday I received another call asking where we were again. I was confused if we were told 1 and 9 and yesterday we went at nine surely that means we mixed the times up. No. We had gotten the times right but they decided to change them at their own liking. So obviously we weren’t ready. So we got to go rafting at one instead.

It was picture perfect. The brilliant blue water the multiple groups going down a calm ish river though there were some rough moments like crashing directly into a rock (our captain’s isea of fun) which sent my flying out of my seat. We also go to jump down an over turned raft from a high up rock. Unfortunately the wet suits meant that your frequently get stuck half way up. But the best jump came later, on Manhattan rock. A rock maybe 10m high maybe more. I climbed up, pumped. A stupid grin  (which I’m currently replicating just thinking about it) all over my face. Once at the top and edge that was replaced by that sinking feeling of you f*@#%ng idiot why do you do these things. A sensation tightened by the leader saying you have to jump away not just fall cause you could land on a rock. Lovely. But I didn’t hit a rock and the thrill was awesome even if my head hurt from a torrent of cold water rushing straight up my nose.

And then relax during the afternoon feet still killing from the previous day.

A couple beers at the pub (way off the main area of the town) and we headed back to the hostel packed and got ready for the 50€ taxi ride at 7:15 to take us to Most Na Soč (should’ve thought about the accessibility of Bovec when we planned to leave on a sunday).

Alice and I split at Jesenice. I continued onto Vienna and Alice refining to Scottland.

All in all a good first week on the road but now for a solo project.

Author: ClareOfford

I'm a second year Zoology and Conservation student, studying at Bangor University in North Wales. I love Wales for the its opportunities to explore the outdoor, and so frequently go one walks with friends, as well as the odd bit of rock climbing and horse riding. Though on of the great things about where I live are the opportunities to get involved in conservation work out in Snowdonia...

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