The closeness of Bangor to Snowdonia National Park is great, and means we get great walking opportunities, such as Ogwen Valley. This walk to my friend Hansa and I a full day 10:30am to 18:30 (or there about), the full walk there and back is around 22 miles depending on the shortcuts or detours you take. I was a very tiring day though there was almost a sense of walker’s high.

Though the trip back through the forest in pitch black was mildly frightening to say the least.

Anglesey also offers great views which I don’t get to appreciate as much as I’d like to when driving around the quaint island. One afternoon my friend Rachel and I decided to go for a drive around the island.

During the second year of university I also went on a week and a bit long “field course” or more accurately holiday. Though we did keep in depth notes in a field notebook.